Davamand Villa
We were dealing with a site that was heavily slanted. The north and south side of the site had a height difference of more than 10m (33 ft). While a typical architectural solution for such sites would be to make several cubes so that one cube’s roof would be the upper level’s balcony, I decided to take a different approach. Also, one of the family members had to use a wheelchair, so all the stories had to be accessible through a wheelchair, so the design is inclusive.
Concept #1: Division of private and public spaces
Privacy is important to Iranian people, so public and private living spaces are separated, bedrooms and private living room are in one building while the other contains a guest room, living room, etc.
Concept #2: Optimal use of sunlight
Half the spaces are in a separate building, and the second building is 2.0meters lower than the other so that the sun could properly provide natural light for both buildings, given the site’s cold climate.

People in Iran love open-roof pools, but they also want to have their privacy when they are wearing a swimsuit in the pool. Therefore the pool is located in between the two buildings so that while being open-roof, it maintains privacy to a reasonable degree.

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